Shell Construction Document Timeline

For every project that gets built there are many schedules that need to be met.

Before an Architect or Engineer even thinks about starting to work on drawings the owner must analyze the needs of a project and determine a location for it. For the first year to as much as 10 years (this does happen, particularly with projects in remote locations) the project owner will negotiate with the owner or developer of a property to ensure that it will meet their needs from logistical and financial standpoints.

Once a commitment to the property is made the owner informs the design team of their intentions at this location and the first schedule can be created.

In the case of most retail projects this first schedule is known as the Shell or Base Building Schedule.  This sets up a timeline for the design of the exterior walls, roof, floor slabs and core infrastructure such as stairs and elevators.

A common Shell Building Schedule will look something like this:

Week 1

  • Develop preliminary site plan with utility connection points. Coordinate with Owner/Developer’s Civil Engineering drawings.
  • Develop preliminary floor plans.

Week 2

  • Project Kick-Off Meeting …. ┬áStay tuned ….