OAC Update, September 21, 2016

Actionable Items

Additional cores are required in structural podium slab/deck post concrete pour.
[08/10/16] The Structural Engineer has approve some of the proposed locations. Four locations proposed were rejected due to structural impacts.
[08/17/16] The General Contractor has submitted alternate core locations to the Architect and Structural Engineer.  These alternate locations will be x-rayed to determine if they are viable locations.
[08/24/16 – 09/14/16] Evaluation of alternate locations is on-going.  One proposed location has been identified as being in conflict with a developer-provided lighting fixture and the Developer has agreed to relocate this fixture.
[09/21/16]  Locations of proposed cores have been reviewed and approved by the design and construction team.

Main Entrance Door Drainage
[08/10/16]The Developer has noted that moving the drains further away from the store will affect ADA entrance slopes.  A trench drain system is being researched to determine the best solution and it will be presented to the store for review and approval.
[08/17/16] A trench drain product has been identified and has been presented to the General Contractor for review with the design team.
[08/24/16 – 09/14/16]  A slot/grate drain option has been selected and is now being reviewed by Store representatives.
[09/21/16] The proposed drain solution has been reviewed and approved by the design and construction team.

Construction Proximity
[08/24/16 – 09/14/16] A issue with the current construction of the store and its proximity to construction going on at the adjacent mall structure has been identified. Information forthcoming.
[09/21/16] Issues with construction proximity have been evaluated and have been determined to not hinder the work of either the Developer’s or the store’s construction teams.

Masonry Enclosure for AT&T Conduits
[08/24/16] An absence of rebar has been noted in the masonry enclosure which contains the incoming AT&T conduits.  The General Contractor is confirming this with the Developer’s Contractors to determine that this is correct.
[09/14/16]  Rebar has been verified as being required and is scheduled to be installed by 09/20/16.
[09/21/16] While no additional details have been provided, the General Contractor has indicated that scanning of the concrete deck will be performed on 09/22/16. This is being done presumably to determine if adequate reinforcing has been installed/properly installed.

Elevator Openings
[09/14/16]  A 6″ masonry bump-out at the store’s elevator #2 has been identified and needs to be removed to facilitate proper installation of the elevator equipment.
[09/21/16] The identified concrete bump-out has been removed (completed 09/20/16) and final concrete repairs are scheduled to be complete 09/23/16.

Permanent Power
[09/21/16] The utility company’s (SDGE) third-party installation crew was scheduled to have the permanent equipment installed and powered-up on 09/20/16 but did not show up on site as scheduled.  The General Contractor is attempting to obtain a new schedule so that removal of the temporary generator set can be additionally be scheduled.

Tower Crane
[09/21/16] As the construction process is on track and the enclosure of the store structure needs to be completed soon the General Contractor is confirming with all of the sub-contractors to ensure that the proposed dismantle date of the tower crane of 10/09/16 is still viable.  As the crane is located within the footprint of the store construction it needs to be removed to facilitate roof construction and enclosure of the structure.