GC Update, October 14, 2016

The tower crane is completely disassembled and has been removed from the site.

Slab openings, where the crane assembly once stood, remain open and await scheduling for in-fill.

Structural steel is being marked and prepared for internal wall framing, ceiling and finish supports.

Second floor concrete pours are underway

Fireproofing of structural steel is being applied.

Overall Progress Photos

OAC Update, September 21, 2016

Actionable Items

Additional cores are required in structural podium slab/deck post concrete pour.
[08/10/16] The Structural Engineer has approve some of the proposed locations. Four locations proposed were rejected due to structural impacts.
[08/17/16] The General Contractor has submitted alternate core locations to the Architect and Structural Engineer.  These alternate locations will be x-rayed to determine if they are viable locations.
[08/24/16 – 09/14/16] Evaluation of alternate locations is on-going.  One proposed location has been identified as being in conflict with a developer-provided lighting fixture and the Developer has agreed to relocate this fixture.
[09/21/16]  Locations of proposed cores have been reviewed and approved by the design and construction team.

Main Entrance Door Drainage
[08/10/16]The Developer has noted that moving the drains further away from the store will affect ADA entrance slopes.  A trench drain system is being researched to determine the best solution and it will be presented to the store for review and approval.
[08/17/16] A trench drain product has been identified and has been presented to the General Contractor for review with the design team.
[08/24/16 – 09/14/16]  A slot/grate drain option has been selected and is now being reviewed by Store representatives.
[09/21/16] The proposed drain solution has been reviewed and approved by the design and construction team.

Construction Proximity
[08/24/16 – 09/14/16] A issue with the current construction of the store and its proximity to construction going on at the adjacent mall structure has been identified. Information forthcoming.
[09/21/16] Issues with construction proximity have been evaluated and have been determined to not hinder the work of either the Developer’s or the store’s construction teams.

Masonry Enclosure for AT&T Conduits
[08/24/16] An absence of rebar has been noted in the masonry enclosure which contains the incoming AT&T conduits.  The General Contractor is confirming this with the Developer’s Contractors to determine that this is correct.
[09/14/16]  Rebar has been verified as being required and is scheduled to be installed by 09/20/16.
[09/21/16] While no additional details have been provided, the General Contractor has indicated that scanning of the concrete deck will be performed on 09/22/16. This is being done presumably to determine if adequate reinforcing has been installed/properly installed.

Elevator Openings
[09/14/16]  A 6″ masonry bump-out at the store’s elevator #2 has been identified and needs to be removed to facilitate proper installation of the elevator equipment.
[09/21/16] The identified concrete bump-out has been removed (completed 09/20/16) and final concrete repairs are scheduled to be complete 09/23/16.

Permanent Power
[09/21/16] The utility company’s (SDGE) third-party installation crew was scheduled to have the permanent equipment installed and powered-up on 09/20/16 but did not show up on site as scheduled.  The General Contractor is attempting to obtain a new schedule so that removal of the temporary generator set can be additionally be scheduled.

Tower Crane
[09/21/16] As the construction process is on track and the enclosure of the store structure needs to be completed soon the General Contractor is confirming with all of the sub-contractors to ensure that the proposed dismantle date of the tower crane of 10/09/16 is still viable.  As the crane is located within the footprint of the store construction it needs to be removed to facilitate roof construction and enclosure of the structure.

Electrical Rough-In, September 19, 2016

I saved this photo from the last batch of General Contractor progress photos to show what has recently become one of the first challenges that we as engineers need to assist in resolving.

While not immediately obvious this electrical rough-in is unacceptable for a number of reasons.

From a structural perspective this installation will not work as the conduits secured to the metal deck are too close to each other.  The Structural Engineer has dictated that no conduits shall be installed closer than 8″ to each other.  Having them too close prevents concrete from being properly poured into the metal pan.  Additionally, this density of conduits, which would be in the upper 1/3 of the final concrete pour, would present opportunities for surface cracking.

From a purely practical perspective this density presents issues for future repair and remodel work.  Sawcutting the floor is common in remodel work and the risk of cutting significantly more than what is desired is increased in area such as this.

As of this posting this issue is being addressed with the General Contractor to have the rough-in work corrected prior to the concrete pour.  Additional information may be forthcoming.


Follow-Up: More Photos taken by the Structural Engineer on September 20, 2016.
All of these scenarios have been flagged as unacceptable and in need of removal prior to the concrete pour.
img_6492 img_6493 img_6487

GC Update, September 16, 2016

An overall shot of the project site.  The scaffolding and concrete work in the foreground is part of the Developer’s new parking garage structure.  The multi-level steel structure further back in the photo is the store that this web site is following the construction of.  To the left of of the store site you can see the old Macy’s which is at the end of the existing mall structure.160916_nordstrom_utc_361-site_progress_page_19

The General Contractor finally has a new “permanent” office trailer on site.  This is where all construction personnel will convene for the weekly OAC meetings and where the project design team is able to establish temporary office space while they are at the construction site.

Concrete curb pouring is in progress.







Preparing for the first floor slab pour. Reinforcing mesh installed.


Metal stair installations nearing completion. After all steel assemblies are in completed concrete will be poured on the top of the metal structure to form to treads and landings. The risers will remain as uncovered painted steel.



Adjacent Developer Construction Progress